long time no see, feels good to be back!

Let me take this moment to welcome myself back to WordPress. I missed writing and missed reading your beautiful blogs. The month of May was definitely the longest month for me – was it really 31 days? It felt like the month was two months!😢. To cut the story short, my phone accidentally fell and broke! (It broke so bad that fixing it would be almost similar to buying a new one). Suddenly I had no life, NO WordPress, NO social media and most importantly, NO selfies – yes, I am a big fan 😃🙈. Using my laptop was not an option as my modem for the internet had started giving me problems a month prior to this incident so I had resorted in just using my phone for Internet. I am glad that all is well now and I would like to share some highlights of my month of May.

May was my birthday month, 16th May was my birthday to be precise, and I turned 27 years of age. My daughter sang for me a happy birthday song, said “happy birthday mummy”, hugged and kissed me, it was so beautiful and special. Birthday calls and texts kept coming in all day. later I was taken out to eat, watch and shop – you get it right? Well I really enjoyed my birthday, I was all smiles and happy. It was truly my day.


That’s me on my birthday, all grown-up. looking 27years😃😃

New hairdo, I literally sat down the whole day while Zandiswa (the hairdresser) plaited my hair but it was totally worth it hey. It came out so nice and I love it! The colour is beautiful and looks amazing on me.

I dropped some weight, yippee yippee! i feel good and look good. I love it when people see me and say “Wow you have lost so much weight, you look good”. at least the hours i put at the gym are not in vain, it is finally paying off. Now my goal is just the stomach, everything else is as i wanted it.

On Sunday, 14th May was a Mother’s Day in South Africa. In the morning I told my daughter “today is Mother’s Day, you have to wish mummy a happy Mother’s Day”

She quickly asked: what day was it yesterday? Was it a Children’s Day?

Me: No it was a normal Saturday

Her: So when is Children’s Day or Kid’s Day?

Me: They is no Children’s Day, we only have Women’s, Mother’s and Father’s Day

Her: She was now sad and said am not going to wish you a happy Mother’s Day then because they is no Children’s Day therefore you will also never wish me a happy Children’s Day. It is not fair.

It was after a long talk that she finally said “happy mother’s day mummy”. Till this day I am still amazed at her reasoning capacity at this young age. Talking to her also made me realize indeed it is not fair that we do not celebrate Children’s Day. I later found out that they are actually a lot of countries which recognize and celebrate Children’s Day.

I am thrilled and over the moon to be writing again and I cannot wait to catch up on all your blogs. I have checked a few so far and I must say – wow! You guys have been writing up, so many new posts, it is like I was gone for two months or more, I am totally inspired by you guys. I am happy to be back! ❤❤



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  1. Yea!!!! I was worried maybe you’d stopped blogging so I was gonna give ya a few more weeks then try to bug you by email! Yea you’re back!! Happy late birthday!!! Outta the mouth of babes / that’s hilarious about children’s day and I think you can make your own for your beautiful baby girl! (She would totally have me wrapped around her finger!). It can be your family’s special secret new tradition of children’s day! I absolutely LOVE the new hair style and that top you’re wearing! Rockin the look! So happy to see ya!

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    1. bafikile says:

      That is so sweet hey… thank you for worrying and caring about me, be blessed double just for that!! Hahaha. Yes, exactly what I thought about creating our own children’s day!! She will love it, thank you for confirming that I am not crazy😂. Thank you for the compliments and love💖. You are awesome!!


      1. You are so not crazy (and I’ll snatch as many blessings as I can get-thanks), I did all sorts of “crazy” stuff like that and my kids still remember that more than want Santa gave them! 👍She’s beautiful as are you and live it to the fullest especially at this age!!

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      2. bafikile says:

        Thank you dear… will surely do. Have a fantastic Monday.

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  2. Roda says:

    Missed you! Happy birthday!!!💚

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    1. bafikile says:

      Thank you so much… missed you too💕. Can’t wait to catch up with you guys on your blogs!! Get a feel of how your May was🌹🌺.

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  3. Belated birthday wishes dear. Your looks are so stunning. Have a happy time🌹

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    1. bafikile says:

      Thank you for the warm welcome and sweet words🌹.

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  4. Construction's Mate says:


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    1. bafikile says:

      Thank you.

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  5. derrickchasauka says:

    good to have you back,your blog gives me life.glad you enjoyed your birthday,wonder what he got you hehe
    you daughter is too cute:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bafikile says:

      Hahaha! thank you Derrick. Thank you for the sweet welcome.


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